Proven Solution for Outdoor Agriculture

Coriphol is an aqueous solution comprised of numerous phenols, organic acids and other light weight biomolecules sourced from almond shells.

Plant phenols are secondary metabolites that plants produce in response to abiotic and biotic stresses like nutrient imbalance, water deficiency, heat, frost, pests, pathogens and weeds. Our solution can be diluted with irrigation water for foliar and drip applications, or used as part of a baseline nutritional mix.

Field Trials — Substantial Crop Yields Over Controls

Third party field trials showed significant increases in marketable yields for a variety of high-value crops. Marketable yields improved significantly for romaine and head lettuce, even half the fertilizer rate. Broccoli trials showed big increases in marketable crowns. Cabbage trials produced yield improvements. A strawberry trial produced double digit gains with just three foliar applications while a greenhouse carrot trial produced 70% yield gains and a 10% increase in sugar content.


Lange Research and Consulting, Inc. Abstracts:

Strawberry Trials — 10% Yield Increase and 294% Profit Increase

From the University Research Team:

A Coriphol trial was conducted on outdoor potted Mondragon organic strawberries.

3 foliar sprays were applied between February 13 and March 21, with 1% Coriphol in water @100 gallon per acre simulated rate.

15 harvests from March through early August resulted in significant increases in yields and profitability.

Simulated ROI for 1-Acre of Strawberries cite the University of CA source of average strawberry data/acre.

“A few weeks after we implemented a weekly Coriphol spraying regimen, our strawberry plant leaves turned darker green and especially more shiny. We saw a small increase in berries production. More importantly for us on The Farm at Brush Creek, the berries became more red especially on the inside and feedback from our chef’s was that they were sweeter and tasted fuller than before we began using Coriphol.”

— Serge Boon, The Farm at Brush Creek Ranch