Our Products Regenerate Soils and Profits for Farmers

We help farmers improve yields and margins with organic solutions produced from farm wastes. Here’s how. Plants are really solar powered biochemical factories. Photosynthesis uses solar energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into plant polymers comprised of cellulose and lignin. These structures don’t just give plants their shape and ability to stand upright. They are also the source of an array of natural biochemicals that plants produce to defend themselves against stresses from nutrient imbalances, temperature extremes, drought, pathogens and pests.

Corigin unravels these plant structures into organic biomolecular solutions and soil amendments that help farmers increase yields and soil fertility while reducing chemical, fertilizer and water use. The process is carbon negative, and perhaps the most sustainable process on Earth.

Organic Plant Growth Enhancer Distilled from California Almond Shells for Foliar and Drip Applications

Coriphol is a liquid solution that contains numerous plant-based phenols, organic acids and other low molecular weight biomolecules.

Biochar Soil Amendment Made from California Almond Shells

Corichar is a high quality biochar that helps improve soil fertility, support beneficial microbe populations, reduce fertilizer and water requirements and sequester carbon for centuries.