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Decarbonizing the Atmosphere

Earth is heating up and carbon is the cause. Climate, food and water security is essential and inseparable. We will decarbonize the atmosphere, regenerate soils, and generate cash to grow. 

That’s our playbook.

Corigin’s Value Creation

Taking agricultural waste and turning it into multiple products that help the earth, farmers and make money.

Corigin Value Creation Chart

Our Carbon Removals Provide Multiple Co-Benefits Beyond Carbon Removal

How Much Co-linear Value Is Really Produced by Carbon Removal Platforms? Skilled Jobs Biodiversity Water Security Soil Security Circular Economy Displace Synthetic Chemicals High Profit Potential
Corigin: High Margin Products Sold to Farmers & IndustryYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Direct Air Capture Machines - Pump CO2 UndergroundYes
Limestone Mineralization – Pump CO2 UndergroundYes
Bio-Oil Sequestration – Pump Oil UndergroundYes
Bioenergy Carbon Capture & Storage - Biomass to Energy & Pump CO2 UndergroundYes
  • No Technology Risk or Regulatory Risk
  • No Technology Risk or Regulatory Risk
  • We’re Ready To Go Now!​
Carbon is Removed from the Atmosphere & Credits Sold. Products That Don't Decompose:
  • Increase Crop Yields
  • Regenerate Soils
  • Reduce Fertilizer Use & N20 Emissions
  • Reduce Methane Emissions
  • Reduce Demand for Synthetic Chemicals

Strategy to Scale We'll Build Many Corigin Plants Around the World Because the World Needs It!

Farming is the most widespread economic activity on Earth. Every farming community in the world could have access to a Corigin plant from Indonesia to Zambia, converting their crop wastes into regenerative products that permanently sequesters carbon and displaces fossil fuel derived fertilizers and chemicals. 

    Corigin Solutions

    Equity in parent, funds plant 1

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    Plant 1

    Equity financed

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    Plant 5

    Non-dilutive capital used to scale – build replicate plants

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    Plant 10

    Replicated plant

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    Plant 20

    Replicated plant

Manufacturing & Biorefinery Technology Platform

  • First Plant

    Online, processing ½ ton biomass/hour continuous in Merced, CA.

  • Capacity

    Standardizing on 2-ton biomass/hour for additional production capacity & streamlined fab. Scalable to 10- tons continuous throughout.

  • Based on (A) molten salt heated reactor under vacuum that minimizes thermal gradients and assures process consistency and (B) proprietary biorefinery module to produce high-value distillates.

    Sophisticated GUI software for remote monitoring & continuous process control.

  • Feedstock Agnostic

    Perfect for crop, forestry & manure waste processing the world over.

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All of the carbon in our products was in the atmosphere a few months ago.

Most of it is never going back. Let’s grow together!

Seen here... 14 cubic meters of Corichar shipping to a customer for carbon sequestration.