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November 14, 2022

Supporting the Resilience of Agro-Forestry Value Chains along the Great Green Wall

“...the transition to sustainable food production systems can no longer be achieved without the transitioning to sustainable organic fertilizers”

Serious Shea Corigin Solutions, Inc. and Climate Change Ventures join forces supporting the resilience of agro-forestry value chains along the Great Green Wall

Serious Shea (http://seriousshea.com) is a leading initiative of Golden Organics Global, focused in implementing novel zero and reforestation carbon free value chains. The development of its unique and novel value chain enables remote communities to process 100% of their crops using renewable energies exclusively. The technology development started in 2010 with the support of the African Development Bank and the World Bank and in 2021 with support of the World Economic Forum. The bio products of Serious Shea’s food processing platform are high grade fertilizers demonstrating how net zero values chain can be built and developed in the Sahel. Serious Shea has started the plantation of 1 billion trees by 2030 along the Great Green Wall starting in Senegal through its corporate alliance and carbon capture initiatives.

Corigin Solutions(https://www.corigin.co/) offers a revolutionary bio-refinery process comprised of pioneering and proven technologies for the conversion of crop and forestry wastes into products that improve soil fertility and increase crop yields. In addition to decarbonizing the atmosphere with the production of biochar and producing liquid products that reduce crop reliance on fossil fuel derived fertilizers and chemicals, it produces bio-oils for industrial use and the generation of carbon removal credits. These are all high value solutions to the problems created by greenhouse gases and polluting fertilizers. Corigin operates a facility in California’s Central Valley.

Climate Change Ventures( https://ccventures.io) sees its mission as abating carbon emissions by inspiring, originating and implementing smart environmental solutions, introducing new technologies that bring solutions for CO2 reduction or neutrality that are driven by our unique blend of leadership, technical expertise, regulatory awareness, and holistic financial approach.

Serious Shea and Corigin have agreed to a letter of intent to establish a joint venture to build an agro- waste plant in Senegal to support the Great Green Wall Plantations Initiatives. Further, the liquid organic plant growth enhancers and biochar will support the farming communities in the Sahel hardly hit by the cost of fertilizers which have tripled over the past year. Accelerating the growth of the trees by 3 or 4 means that Serious Shea’s trees will also capture a lot more carbon in a much shorter time

   The partnership has been made possible by Climate Change Ventures Ltd (CCV) who is providing strategic business advise to Corigin Solutions in the mobilization of third-party capital thus bringing this ground- breaking technology to a global market. CCV will be using its expertise in originating, structuring and implementing a bankable deal flow to Corigin Solutions and to the Joint Venture.

William Kwende founder of Serious Shea said, “If urgent actions are not taken to provide urgent solutions, the shortage of fertilizers and the impact of the climate breakdown in the Sahel will create a perfect storm resulting in multiple and widespread crop failures in 2023. We are seeking 12 Million USD to establish the first factory in Senegal and each country in the Sahel to provide soil conditioners and high grade crop growth stimulants at affordable prices for the communities. We are also providing water, electricity and we can provide crop inputs which are in line with our vision of restoring our homelands. I intend to use my presence at the COP to achieve this objective.”

Mike Woelk, CEO and Co-founder of Corigin Solutions said: “Principally, we are a carbon removal business, but we have a much broader vision than the purely commercial, although that is an important factor in our decarbonization equation. The Earth is heating up and basic problem is that there is too much carbon in the atmosphere and too little in soils. Climate, food and water security is essential and inseparable and influenced by carbon. We will cleanse the atmosphere, regenerate soils and generate cash to grow and give back. That’s our playbook.”

Horacio Carvalho, CEO of CCV said: “Climate Change is now everyday news; from natural disasters to those caused by human intervention, news coverage is global with an unprecedented impact on society, demanding that politicians and policy makers come up with solutions that will save the planet from further deterioration. Under this new paradigm it is important to understand and develop a way to engage with governments, institutions and industries on implementing a 'transition to carbon neutral’ modus operandi! We are pleased to be partnering with Corigin in bringing proven technology, already developed and working in Merced California and in Quebec, to broader world markets. From the moment I became familiar with what they are doing to improve our planet, I was convinced that this was a technology worth backing for the benefit of all mankind”

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