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Outdoor Field Results

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Coriphol is being used on nut, citrus, stone fruit, olive, grape, berry, vegetable, grain and hay crops throughout the Central, Imperial, Sacramento and coastal valleys. As part of a baseline nutrient program, Coriphol has delivered significantly improved paid yields even at reduced fertilizer rates.


Broccoli with Coriphol | 1 gal/acre at planting, 1 gal/acre foliar

Broccoli without Coriphol

Table Grapes with Coriphol | 2-gallons/acre in drip

Table Grapes without Coriphol

24 Acre Lettuce Trials

$40 of Coriphol can drive over $1,000 net income per lettuce acre, while cutting fertilizer loads in half!

  • 2 drip injections @ 0.004% concentrate 1/4” water plus 6 foliar sprays @ 0.33% concentrate 50 gal/acre rate (1 quart per quarter inch water plus 4 ml. per gallon foliar).


Strawberry Trials

10% Yield Increase and 294% Profit Increase

  • A Coriphol trial was conducted on outdoor potted Mondragon organic strawberries.


  • 3 foliar sprays were applied between February 13 and March 21, with 1% Coriphol in water @100 gallon per acre simulated rate.


  • 15 harvests from March through early August resulted in significant increases in yields and profitability.


  • Simulated ROI for 1-Acre of Strawberries cite the University of CA source of average strawberry data/acre.
Profit Increase: Organic Mondragon Strawberry
Avg. FieldCoriphol
Change in Profit0%294%
Coriphol Field Trial Economic Model
No Coriphol 100% fertCoriphol @75% fertCoriphol @50% fert
Change in Input Costs$0-$35-$109
Grower Costs$9,582$9,548$9,473
Change in Yield0%12.50%17.40%
Change in Profit0%163%235%

Romaine and head lettuce improved significantly, even at half the fertilizer rate. Broccoli crowns showed big increases in salability, and cabbage trials produced higher yields. Finally, a strawberry trial produced double digit gains with just three foliar applications!