Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture

We’re focused on helping farmers sustainably intensify their operations and improve soil fertility for generations to come. That’s important to everyone, not just farmers. 

Global food production at current farm productivity levels must nearly double in the next few decades because of population growth in developing countries, according to United Nation’s forecasts. But here's rub...

40% of the world’s landmass and 70% of delivered water is already consumed by agriculture.

Moreover, most of the world’s soils are significantly depleted from the overuse of chemicals and fertilizers, and a quarter of all greenhouse gases come from agriculture. Even in the US, 60% of soil carbon stocks have been lost.

Consumed by Agriculture

Consumer demand for organic and sustainably produced food continues to grow by double-digits as living standards improve world-wide.

Meanwhile, regulators are approving fewer agrochemicals and applying more pressure on farmers to grow more with fewer tools and resources. In drought prone California, growers are under enormous pressure to reduce water use.

Farmers are getting pinched and yet they must find ways to increase food production on currently cultivated soil and with less fertilizer and chemicals. We think the biggest bang for the buck solutions will come from crop wastes, and crop waste is everywhere.

By unraveling plant wastes into organic biochemical solutions and soil amendments...

Corigin will help farmers increase production and margins while reducing other input costs.

This resonates loud and clear with growers. Equally important for farmers and non-farmers alike, however, are the environmental benefits from using Corigin products.

Corigin’s products can help rebalance the carbon cycle by permanently sequestering carbon in soils, where again, carbon does miraculous things to improve farmland fertility. Our biochars also reduce farmland runoff and emissions by retaining nutrients in soils and reducing load requirements. Biochar also adsorbs about 5X its weight in water – a huge benefit in drought stricken regions like California.

And finally, our biodistillates have broad spectrum potential to dramatically offset synthetic chemical and fertilizer use and expenses across a farming enterprise.

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